New policy for Charlies Aunt patterns

IT’S cold and snowy here and I still can’t get over the excitement of looking at the garden covered in a thick white blanket of snow. I have always loved the winter months and snow in particular, so I have really missed wintery scenes while living in sunny Perth. I took a picture (right) of the new Country Courier Bag, the pattern for which will be out later this month via Indygo Junction, hanging on a tree in my snowy garden. It’s the plain version, made in a superb wool tapestry from Trefriw woollen mill in Wales. I hope you like it.

Anyway, I have recently been having a rethink on the copyright problem. As you all know, I wrestle with this a lot and it is one of the thorny issues that keeps coming up over and over again. Anyway, after a lot of thought, I have once more decided to give it a try allowing people to make a limited number of bags to sell, using my Charlie’s Aunt patterns – as long as they stick to the guidelines outlined below (and in full on the patterns and books pages of this website). I really hope I have made the right decision and that people will not let me down again! The copyright still stands on all of my patterns, books and designs, but as a favour to my customers, many of whom are lovely people that give me regular positive feedback and have no intention of ripping me off, I am allowing them to make no more than 10 bags from each pattern in a year to sell.

I have made the decision largely because times are hard and I know a lot of my customers would like to be able to make a few items from my patterns to bring in a little bit of extra cash or to pay for their hobby. Also, it has been getting me down so much, I came to the point where I would rather give up designing than be constantly bombarded with people trying to rip me off. I think for all those wonderful people out there who really appreciate what I do for the right reasons, that would be a shame. I love designing, so it would also be a big shame for me.

Anyway, the new rules can be found on the ‘Legal’ page.

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